Common Symptoms of Sewer Line Trouble

Common Symptoms of Sewer Line Trouble

Common Symptoms of Sewer Line TroubleIf your home has a failing sewer line, then disgusting problems could result, such as rancid stenches and backed-up sewage. As soon as you suspect a sewer line issue, it'll be best to call in an experienced plumber who can show up quickly to assess the situation and conduct any necessary repairs. At Champion Plumbing, we offer 24/7 emergency plumbing in San Antonio and can show up ASAP when disaster strikes.

Warning Signs of Sewer Line Failure

If a nauseating odor of raw sewage is wafting through your home, then you've got a sign of sewer line trouble. It's possible that this smell will actually be more mild. But even if the stench isn't overwhelming, it still suggests there's an issue that should be quickly brought to a plumber's attention.

If your toilet is making gurgling noises, then you may be dealing with a damaged sewer line. Oftentimes, such sounds precede sewage backing up into the toilet. It's also possible that the sewage will overflow up and out of the toilet. Obviously, this warrants calling a plumber for emergency repairs.

Another symptom of sewer line trouble is slow draining. With a slow drain, you might just have a minor clog that you can take care of yourself. But if there's a significant clog caused by a sewer line issue, then it'll be best to leave the work to a professional.

It's worth keeping an eye out for a couple of other signs of sewer line failure. One is that mold has started to grow with vigor in your bathroom due to increased humidity. Another sign of trouble is that your lawn has become especially green, which could be due to nutrients that come from a sewer line leak.

Sewer Line Repair in San Antonio, TX

When you need a plumber in San Antonio and the surrounding area, contact Champion Plumbing at (210) 405-5373. Our local plumbing company can take care of any of your residential or commercial plumbing needs. Feel free to give us a call today to schedule an appointment!

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Posted: December 2021

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