Which Type of Water Heater Should I Install? Here Are 4 Options to Consider

Which Type of Water Heater Should I Install? Here Are 4 Options to Consider

Which Type of Water Heater Should I Install? Here Are 4 Options to ConsiderWhile we don't often stop to consciously think about it, our lives are made much more enjoyable by the capability to simply turn a knob and have a stream of warm water. If trouble arises with your water heater, this common luxury could leave you in the cold. Signs of a water heater problem include corrosion and inconsistent water temperature. And if your water heater is over a decade old, it could be time to install a new, energy-efficiency model. Here's a look at four different types of water heaters to choose from.

Standard Storage Tank Water Heater

This common type of water heater heats a specific amount of water, which depends on the tank's capacity. Insulation keeps the water warm, but if you use too much at once, you may need to wait for more water to heat up. These tanks are popular in large part because of their affordability.

Solar Water Heater

With solar water heater systems, the sun-sourced energy is transferred to a closed loop system that incorporates heat-conductive elements, which heat up the tank's water. This is a particularly great option for homes in sunny climates, and provides a very high level of energy-efficiency.

Heat Pump Water Heater

This option is desirable because it typically uses less than half the amount of electricity that is used by other conventional water heater types. It uses heat from both the ground and air, and can ultimately provide you with significant savings on your energy bill.

Tankless Water Heater

Instead of using a tank, this type of water heater uses coils that instantly heat up water as it is needed. They are highly energy-efficient, but are more expensive in terms of up-front costs. They come in different sizes and you'll want to make sure you choose one that is large enough to meet your family's hot water needs.

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