Recent Customer Reviews for Champion Plumbing in San Antonio, TX

Recent Customer Reviews for Champion Plumbing in San Antonio, TX

Recent Customer Reviews for Champion Plumbing in San Antonio, TXAt Champion Plumbing, we're proud members of the San Antonio small business community and always strive to exceed our customers' expectations by providing accurate estimates, flawless repairs, friendly service, and fair rates. We offer 24/7 plumbing in San Antonio so that we're available when our customers need us most. And we sincerely appreciate it when our customers take the time to offer feedback about their experiences with us. Here's a look at some of our recent customer reviews.

"Hector did a GREAT job installing our water heater 2 weeks ago, we wanted to wait and see if any issues had come up in the past 2 weeks, but nope. Water is still hot, no issues, no leaks. He was very professional, kind, and knowledgeable." -- Stephanie G.

"Very satisfied with workmanship, professionalism, timeliness and customer service. Edward the installer, did a great job. He always kept me informed of when he would arrive to start work, and he was on time. Our hot water heater wasn't working and he worked on it on a Sunday, even when he didn't have to. Champion Plumbing will have all my plumbing business going forward and I'll be the first to recommend them to friends and family. Excellent job Edward. Thanks!" -- Mike H.

"My garbage disposal stopped working and my home warranty company called Champion Plumbing to come out. Hector arrived the next day to inspect the disposal. He was friendly and professional, thoroughly explained the problem, was able to quickly contact the warranty company for authorization and within an hour I had a brand new garbage disposal installed. Hector was great and I would definitely use this company again." -- Lindsey P.

"I woke up to a flooded house, Edward made it out quickly to diagnose and help correct the issue, while I didn't choose Champion myself, my landlord sent them, I would use again." -- Danny S.

"I called Champion Plumbing for a possible slab leak. I cannot be happier with their services. Hector and his son Hector Jr are some of the best people I have ever worked with. I was updated about all possible issues and costs as he went. I simply cannot say enough about how pleased I am with Hector. He is respectful, knowledgeable, tidy and HONEST. I expected to be cleaning up a big mess and replacing the brick decorative wall when they left. Not only did they fill in the hole they dug, they also replaced all the bricks and you cannot tell they were ever here. I would HIGHLY recommend them." -- Christina M.

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When you need a plumber in San Antonio and the surrounding area, contact Champion Plumbing at (210) 405-5373. Feel free to give us a call today to arrange a free estimate!

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Posted: October 2022

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Recent Customer Reviews for Champion Plumbing in San Antonio, TX
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