6 Symptoms of Sewer Line Trouble

6 Symptoms of Sewer Line Trouble

6 Symptoms of Sewer Line TroubleSewer line trouble can cause disgusting problems that make domestic life miserable. Backed-up toilets and rancid odors are just two of the issues that may develop. When you first notice a symptom of sewer line trouble, you'll want to call in a plumber as quickly as possible. The sooner you call, the less likely that the problem will worsen to the point that the most disgusting issues arise. Here's a look at six signs that you need sewer line repair.

Gurgling Noises

When a damaged sewer line causes a toilet to make gurgling sounds, it often means that sewage is about to start backing up into the toilet.

Toilet Is Backing Up

A clogged sewer line can cause raw sewage to back up into the toilet bowl. Even if you consider yourself handy around the house, this is an issue that you'll probably want to leave to a professional who has the experience---and the stomach---to fix the problem quickly and completely.

Bad Odors

One notorious sign of sewer line trouble is the stench of raw sewage. But it's also possible that the odor will be milder, in which case you'll want the plumber to address the issue before the smell gets worse.


Sewer line issues can lead to increased humidity levels. As a result, mold could take hold on your walls. Also, there's evidence of sewer line trouble if you notice discoloration in the area surrounding your toilet.

Grass Is Greener

Leakage from a damaged sewer line may supply your lawn with nutrients that make it look especially green.

Slow Draining

In some cases, slow draining is due to minor clogs, which can potentially be handled by handy homeowners. But when a sewer line problem is the source of the slow draining, it's best to leave the work to an experienced plumber to handle this more complicated issue.

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Posted: December 10, 2020

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