6 Common Causes of Burst Pipes

6 Common Causes of Burst Pipes

When a pipe bursts, it's important to get the main water supply shut off as quickly as possible and then have an experienced plumber get right to work on fixing the problem. It's helpful to know what issues can cause burst pipes because you'll then be able to take measures to reduce the risk of a pipe bursting. Here are six common reasons that pipes burst.

Accumulation of Hard Water

Hard water is water that is particularly high in mineral content. When hard water accumulates in pipes, there's an increased risk of clogging or cracking that leads to a burst pipe. To reduce the buildup of hard water, you can use a water softening system.

High Water Pressure

Water pressure in a home's pipe system should generally be between 30 and 80 psi. There's a greater risk of a pipe bursting when water pressure gets high.

Tree Roots

Large trees can send out big roots that are capable of rupturing nearby pipes. When planting trees around your house, it's important that you choose locations where the roots won't cross paths with pipes as the trees grow larger.


A serious clog can cause pressure to increase to the point that a pipe bursts. If an object has gone down your pipes that shouldn't have, then you'll want to get it out before it potentially causes a pipe to burst due to a buildup of pressure.

Freezing Weather

When temperatures drop into the low 20s, pipes can burst if they haven't been properly prepared for the cold. While freezing weather isn't a regular threat in San Antonio, it can still happen during the wintertime and is worth keeping in mind.


After years of use, steel pipes are liable to start corroding. As pipes become corroded, they can become increasingly narrow to the extent that they then open up. With plastic or copper pipes, however, this won't be a concern.

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Posted: May 14, 2021

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