What Are Common Symptoms of a Water Heater Problem?

What Are Common Symptoms of a Water Heater Problem?

It's easy to overlook just how important hot water is to your daily routine---until the water heater stops working properly. Then, you quickly realize just how much you rely on your water heater to provide you with hot showers and warm dishwater. When you first notice a symptom of water heater trouble, you'll want to call in an experienced plumber to assess the situation and get right to work on addressing any problems. The sooner you take action to repair your water heater, the sooner your domestic bliss will be restored. Here are five common symptoms of water heater trouble.

Murky Tap Water

As an old water heater becomes dilapidated, bits of metal might start flaking off in the tank. As a result, your water may appear murky. Also, the water could have a metallic smell and taste. A plumber can drain and flush your water heater, which should take care of this issue for the time being.

Moisture Accumulation

An indication of a water heater leak is that moisture has begun accumulating in the surrounding area. You'll want to have a plumber address this issue as soon as possible so that any water damage is minimized.


If your tank's metal rusts through, then you're probably due for a new water heater. With this problem, your faucet water may appear tinged with rust.

Advanced Age

You can generally expect a conventional water heater to hold up for 10 to 15 years before it starts to cause problems. If you're interested in installing a water heater that offers a lifespan of over 20 years, as well as better efficiency, then it's worth considering a tankless model.

Unreliable Heating

When you're not getting reliably warm water, you'll want to have a plumber come inspect your water heater so the issue can be promptly diagnosed and remedied. This could be due to a lack of power or a bad electric thermostat.

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Posted: March 13, 2021

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