What causes septic system problems?

What causes septic system problems?

What causes septic system problems?Because septic system issues can soon worsen and turn into an expensive mess, when you first notice an indication of trouble, you'll want to call in a reputable plumber who specializes in septic repairs. Even just an abnormally bad smell is sufficient reason to have a plumber come by to take a look. Here's a look at five common causes of septic system trouble.

Clogged Outlet Baffle or Effluent Filter

A clog in the outlet baffle or effluent filter may cause sewage to actually back up into your home. Obviously, you'll want to take whatever precautions you can to ensure this doesn't happen, such as annually cleaning your effluent filter.

Blockage in Inlet Baffle to Tank

Some homeowners manage to resolve this problem on their own. If you look through your inlet baffle opening and see something (such as toilet paper) causing a clog, then it's worth trying to fish it out. But if you're worried that you may damage your system, you can always call in a plumber to do the work.

Clog in Pipe from House to Tank

If something other than human waste or toilet paper has been flushed down, then a clog may occur in the pipe that runs from the house to the tank. Extremely slow draining is an indication of this problem. Generally, a plumber can resolve this problem with relative ease by snaking the line.

Failing Drainfield

A failing drainfield can result in sewage backing up into the house. Spongy grass is a sign that the drainfield is failing. In such a situation, a new drainfield often needs to be located and used.

Poorly Designed/Constructed

Some septic systems just never had the chance to succeed in the first place. If your system was installed in impermeable soil or at a grade that is too steep, then you may need major work or a replacement system to remedy the problem.

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Posted: October 11, 2020

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