Septic Tank Installation and Servicing in San Antonio, TX

Septic Tank Servicing in San Antonio, TX

Septic Tank Installation and Servicing in San Antonio, TXAs a full service plumber we provide septic services throughout the greater San Antonio area. We know dealing with septic system troubles can be a bit messy, but our highly qualified team has no qualms with any issue. We've truly seen it all. If you notice any odd noises, bad smells or any sink or faucet is slow draining, it could mean the septic or sewer system needs service. Give Champion Plumbing a call to schedule septic system service in San Antonio right away.

Septic Tank Pumping

We provide affordable, fast septic tank pumping for residential and commercial customers throughout San Antonio and beyond. We work quickly and effectively to ensure the job is done correctly the first time you call. When it is time for septic tank cleaning be sure to call Champion Plumbing.

Septic Repairs

Champion Plumbing completes all types of septic system repairs and treatments. This includes baffle installation, replacing septic tank covers, repairing breaks and more. We service septic tanks, grease traps, holding tanks, house drains and drain fields.

Main Sewer Line Repairs

A break in the main sewer line can be atrocious for a number of reasons, but our skilled plumbers can repair issues fast. We'll use video inspection and other diagnostic tools to locate the problem so that the repairs are completed promptly and effectively. We use repair options that include both digging and no digging, all dependent upon the situation at hand. If you suspect sewer line issues please don't hesitate to contact our team.

Drain Field Services

Drain Field ServicesThe septic drain field consists of a network of pipes that are a part of the septic tank drainage system. Over the years scum and sludge buildup can lead to backflow, foul smells and a wet yard. Regular draining and maintenance of your septic system can help prevent the need for drain field repairs, but if you do end up needing them you can count on Champion Plumbing to be there for you.

To request an estimate for septic service in San Antonio or the surrounding area call Champion Plumbing at (210) 405-5373. We are available day and night to help with plumbing emergencies, general maintenance and septic cleaning.

"Very friendly staff and excellent service. I have used Champion plumbing when working for a property management company, and for personal repairs. They have responded quickly and also had reasonable prices. I refer them to all my friends and family who also have received excellent care from them."


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